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01-30-2013, 02:33 PM
Originally Posted by blznfun View Post
The UI is VERY graphics hoggy... I know mine is also related to the UI as well as when the targets UI above their head disappears, the FPS lag also disappears. For example, in the underground ruins, there are forcefields all over around the outside of the hallway. When I rotate the camera to show behind the force fields, the UI above the target's head disappears (but they are still targeted) and the lag goes away.

And yes, to a previous poster, I still get the jitter when moving the camera with my mouse, but thats all it is now is jitter. It doesn't affect the FPS at all...

What I am getting at, with a system like mine is setup now and STO, my computer should run flawlessly playing STO. Overall, I have no complaints, but when they do occur, it becomes a playing/fun issue...
Even when you dont lag the UI is lagging your game.Check anywhere you want the FPS with and without UI.The diffrence in fps is not acceptatble ,I mean its a UI and you use it all the time ,it should be the last thing to use all your cpu power .Lets hope the UI improvements in s8 will fix this .

p.s.Im not talking about doff ui which can turn your PC into a slideshow if you have 400 doffs