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09-19-2009, 01:11 PM
Originally Posted by Vampir888 View Post
I hope the death penalty is high enough to prevent such things.
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Originally Posted by Rekhan
We're still working out the specifics of the death penalty, but you won't lose your bridge officers or your ship upon death. It's not in line with the experience we're trying to create.
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<oleum> Will you be able to lose bridge crew by having them killed in battle?

<CrypticZinc> No. It is a game - your Bridge Officers will always get "saved" right at the last minute. (Beamed to sick bay, etc...) Just like in the shows. : ) If your BOfficers are a very important part of your "character" - you'll invest a huge amount of time developing these guys - we don't want to be killing them on you. : ) 3 months or work gone in a minute - yeah, not fun for most.
If you can't loose your ship, or your bridge crew, I guess the only thing left would be an XP hit (ok i guess that its not going to be refered to as XP more skill advancement but call it what you will).

If there isn't the risk of loosing XP / skill advancment or even loosing skills themselves and the dealth penalty is just for the next hour your going to have to fly around without any shields , or only have 10% health on a planet then I share your concern's.

I guess they could just reduce the XP you gain from killing the same person again and again, it would then make it pointless for people to try to level up that way.

Ahh just found the other thing i read about death penalty's

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9. How will player deaths be handled in the game?

We’re not ready to provide exact details, but the defeat penalty won’t be harsh. I think we’re past the days of outrageous death penalties in MMOs. People want to play and have fun.
So I guess the death penalty won't be anything too big.