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01-30-2013, 02:58 PM
I love them both. Love how they did the stats and bridge officers slots. I was thinking the Ambassador would went more science, but it went tactical. So this will give me a sweet ship. I really love seeing this. Can't wait to do the mission and get my Capt. into her. Later if many don't keep using the Ambassador as the newness wears off. You will still see mine coming back home from another mission. I tend to keep mine going for a long time. Since I always been a huge fan of the ship. Since "Yesterday's Enterprise."

The KDF ship, I love how it looks. I was wanting the K'T'inga to use at T5. But it went "Fleet" instead. And thus removed my chances for it. Which I was not very happy about. With this, it will give me a version of that classic ship. So this is worthy to me as well. I'm looking forward to have this ship as well.

Many thanks STO for an awesome gift. I will use it well!