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01-30-2013, 03:07 PM
Originally Posted by bortjinx View Post
I was basically keeping them as seperate characters, so the STO timeline doesn't impact on the Badlands timeline, at least so far as my charcaters are concerned.

Besides, Jinx has already met several unfortunate accidents, the accumulation of which means I could retire his current host at any time without a problem. Unfortunately, I've not finished writing Jinx's tale yet, so no-one here knows about them... D'oh!

If you want to know more about one of Jinx's unfortunate accidents, play my foundry mission - The Empty Shell Shuttle Incident (searching for empty shell finds it). I've been using the foundry to build aspects of Jinx's life into a 'holodeck simulation'. This is the first one I've made, but will be the second of three missions when they are all complete.

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Ahh, that's fair enough, I was planning on doing a similar thing with my application, by creating a breakaway character who I could either play on Badlands, or if not accepted, simply add to my current crew to shift the dynamic a bit I'd willingly play the mission, if I was actually able to play the game, but PC problems are still preventing it >_<