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01-30-2013, 03:20 PM
Originally Posted by genhauk View Post
The sad part is that in this set-up, "meh" would get the KDF further ignored as without the "numbers" .... they move on.

In reality, the only thing that truly helps the KDF cause are those pointy-eared Romulan-wannabee players as Cryptic can't really launch a third faction until the second faction is "complete."

The real question is what in the eyes of Cryptic is considered "complete" ?

But going back to "meh" ... That's honestly about how I feel about KDF development as I've gotten tired of waiting for them to get around to it.

I love the KDF faction ... but Cryptic's development of it is something else entirely.

DStahl's responses about our faction definitely left me feeling evening more meh as I feel like we are looked at as foolish children who will know no better.

I've gotten to where I skip over his responses to our faction as I don't really care about his responses any more.

When I see true development in game on the KDF front, then I'll perk up and pay attention again.
Well "meh" certainly has more for the Devs to think on than just yelling at them, which has not worked at all for the KDF.

SO start any complaint with "meh" and a less howlering sort of reasons to why one is "meh" on a subject.

Basically I too am just feeling "meh" as well.
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