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01-30-2013, 03:31 PM
Originally Posted by altechachan View Post
Hello all,

Everything I'm about to write is purely speculative and I can be proven wrong at any point in time, so take it with a grain of salt....

The PC Gamer article released today ( included a video marking the 3-year anniversary of STO. In the last few seconds, the video showed an emblem with a tagline that links to this page:

The words read "March Underneath the Raptor's Wings".

So, here's where my speculation comes in: This smells strongly Romulan. Like, the smell is so strong that I thought the targ in the Toron shuttle had diarrhea again.

So IF this is a Romulan playable faction and IF it holds true that no Romulan playable faction will be made without a "complete level 1-50 KDF Faction", then MAYBE and I can't stress MAYBE strong enough... we MAYBE seeing some final KDF resolutions once and for all.

Jeez, my head hurts.
That is one of the rumors. The KDF will be fleshed out a little more and possibly the RSE started as a faction.
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