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01-30-2013, 03:42 PM
Hey there.

Personally I would lose the conn officer. It reduces the TT1 cooldown from 30 seconds to 22 seconds HOWEVER the global cooldown is 15 seconds meaning that your second instance of TT1 will be ready when your first TT1 has 7 seconds left. When you activate the second TT1, the global cooldown will push the cooldown for the first TT1 from 7 seconds back up to 15. The only purpose it serves on your build is to buff Attack Patterns and you don't have any in your setup.

I would change the DHCs to regular cannons, too. Sure, they do less damage but with such a low turn-rate you'll have trouble keeping enemies in your forward arc.

If you can get a JHAS, get one. The JHAS carrier pets are lethal.

(Yes, I do fly a Dreadnought.)