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01-30-2013, 03:44 PM
In PvE Guramba is most efficient.

Now I use:
1xQuad disruptor; 1x Fleet disruptor DHC 3xdmg 1xacc; 1xRomulan Hyper-Plasma Torpedo, 1xOmega Plasma Torpedo (for now torp ar for fun, I feel missing one cannon in front)
3xFleet turets 3xdmg 1xacc (have similar set of cannons and turrets of Polarized Disruptors [acc dmg] - realy dont know which is better)

3 tac consol for disruptors 1 for plasma torpedo
Other consoles are: Assimilated Module, Zero Point Energy Conduit, Plasmonic Leech, Aceton Assimilator

Full set of Klingon Honor Guard XII (25% to torp dmg)

My toon have Flow Capacitors on full and this ship drain lot of energy in Sige Mode, with fried 2xGuramba can make tac cube to stop fire, and then kill it

Javelin is great. Best if target dont have shields...or U make it have no shield, one shot (with some tac skils on) and tac cube lost it and all those torpedo coming with full dmg. My best critical hit was for 226.000 dmg (not mistake two hundred thousand damage), but normal hits are 25.000 to 80.000.

One Guramba is good, two Guramba are deadly.... four Gurambas in one elite STF end it in 5 minuets