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Feline Instincts/Predatory Instincts (Caitian/Feresian ground passive).

Jump height can be used to exploit pathing mistakes on Shanty Town to access areas where other players cannot follow and to directly cross obstacles that should be impassible - not by jumping over them, but by hopping /up/ them jumping on microscopic ledges. This is compounded by the addition of inexplicable invisible walls to Shanty Town, which make the map harder for non-Caitians to navigate, but do nothing to stop Caitians from exploiting the pathing problems in the map. Even if it were not for this, jump height would be a powerful ability: you can evade most of the damage from engineer mines and bombs by jumping over them, jump to evade the damage from a tactical officer's grenade (even if you are rooted), and easily access elevated areas on other maps that other characters would have difficulty reaching. There is at least one exploitable spot on Assimilated Cruiser where you can get into the ceiling and shoot down at players without them being able to shoot you back.

+10 Perception and +10% exploit damage (or +5 Perception, +10% exploit, and +5% melee damage, for Feresians) would make this passive as good as other PvP viable ground passives, even without the dodge bonus or jump height. Especially since one can stack this with other passives that boost exploit damage.

+10% dodge, without the Jump Height, Perception, and Exploit Damage, would still be the best passive in the game.

The combination of these three passives into one makes Caitians overpowered, to the point that anyone who rolls anything but a Caitian for ground pvp does so, not because they have an interesting idea for a build, but because they can't stand the way caitians look. Literally the only reason not to make a Caitian is because you don't want to look like a cat. I would rather have Feline/Predatory Instincts than any other two, and most other three, passives in the game.

Solution possibilities:

1: Either remove the jump height bonus, at least from pvp or figure out a way to keep it from being exploited to path over or into impassible terrain.
2: The perception, exploit, and melee damage boosts are fine by themselves, but overpowered in combination with the dodge chance and jump height. Break them off into a second, optional, race-specific passive.
3: Either break the dodge chance away from the jump height into a third passive (again, note that it would STILL be the best passive in the game even in isolation), or reduce it considerably. +2% would be sufficient to make it a beneficial addition, and +5% would make it still a pay to win passive, but be less overpowered.


Pounce (Caitian/Feresian Ground Active)

As if the above wasn't bad enough, Caitians and Feresians also enjoy the unqualified best Active power in the game. Pounce is problematic for a number of reasons:

1: It is an Exploit attack. This means that players can carry two Expose weapons (the favored combination being the Omega gun and a pulsewave) and still Exploit their own Exposes. No other race has this level of tactical flexibility, and it confers something like a 25% increase to the player's potential average damage if played correctly
2: It is a high damage knockback attack (damage amplified by the fact that it Exploits.) Because knockback severity scales with damage, this means that Pounce is actually much more likely to cause a severe knockback than other knockback Actives, such as Telekinesis, which in actual fact almost never knock their target because of their low damage. Note that this power benefits from a tactical officer's superbuff. ***I tested this because I wasn't sure. Lunge and Pounce DOES burn Ambush. -Guriphu.*** Note that Pounce is not reduced by Dampening Field or by Suppressing Fire.
3: It is a gap closer that is not affected by holds and slows, duplicating the effectiveness of the Operative kit's Lunge at countering kits like Physicist, Equipment Technician, and Enemy Neutralization.
4: It does not share a cooldown with Lunge, allowing for chaining them back to back for repeated knockback attacks.
5: Its cooldown is too short. 12 seconds for Pounce, compared to one minute for Telekinesis, its closest analogous power. Note that this power benefits from Tactical Initiative, like everything else.

Solution: Put Pounce on a shared cooldown with Lunge. Make it an Expose attack. Increase its cooldown to 1 minute. Reduce its damage by 50%.

EDIT: corrected a number that I had estimated incorrectly.

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