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OOC: So, that's my faction taken out without my approval... the Romulans taken out and my Romulan character dealt with without my approval...

I'm sorry, I don't think so!

*After Gyunei's men leave Romulus, Vala is taken to a secure bunker and is met by Grand Admiral Darov.*

*OOC: Almost forgot I had this guy.*

Darov: Jolan Tru, Praetor.

Vala: What is happening, Admiral?

Darov: You'd be surprised by the telepathic abilities of 50,000 Remans all focused on the salvation of their people against an implacable foe like the Shedai.

Vala: Shedai?

*Vala looks at the Spy-Sat footage of the Shedai Fleet above Bajor.*

What is happening?!

Darov: From what we can tell, they're fracturing everyone. Divide et Impera.

Vala: What of the Republic?

Darov: As far as we know, she's been fractured even worse. Only the Delta Quadrant Holdings are still in union, and that's only because they haven't linked back with the Alpha Comm arrays after the blackout.

Vala: But they have no idea what's happening?

Darov: As far as we can tell.

Praetor, the Romulan Military is unanimous. We are with you.

Vala: Then our first order of business is to get allies. Activate Gemini.

*A Transwarp Gate near the Vault, away from prying eyes, comes to life and a Romulan Warbird uses it to travel to Denevis X, a planet in the Delta Quadrant, and one of the Republic's Major Members.

Within hours a fleet of Talaxian, Turanian, and Republic starships is mobilised. 20,000 ships in total.*

*OOC: By the way, a while back you said many Republic Worlds were trying to rejoin the Federation. With the exception of Solais V, all the Republic worlds were independent prior to joining the Republic, and 1/3 of those are in the Delta Quadrant. The Republic also defends the Talaxians. The Turanian Alliance is an alliance of Delta Quadrant Powers similar to NATO who are allies of the Republic, so there is no single design among the Turanian ships.

What? The Republic has been in politics in the Delta Quadrant for over a century, of course they'll have made allies there. An added bonus is that there are 2 separate comm nets between the two quadrants, which could isolate this side of the Republic for months even after a week-long comm blackout.

Remember those governors I mentioned earlier? The Delta Worlds actually have their own Congress in case of a situation like this. They can be self-governing indefinitely.*

*Wolfhound Base, Location Unknown. The Assault Operations Trooper who rescued Sam sits at her bedside as a status screen shows minimal life signs. She's comatose.

A Doctor walks over to him.*

Doctor: Chief?

*The trooper looks at him.*

We found this in the box you bought with you. The metal's Iconian in origin. We quantum-dated it and it's at least 100 years old.

*He holds out Sam's pendant, putting it on the bedside table.*

What's left of our fleet on this side of Republic Space is regrouping here. The good news is that Dalos Sector is still secure. I guess it's good thing the Dalosians are telepathic. They just scanned the officials and determined their innocence.

Chief: What about Deis?

Doctor: The Deis Colonies are still reeling from the attacks. They're suspect about anything right now. They've declared independence. We're not giving them a fight over it.

Chief: Vanguard?

Hawk: Ask us yourself.

*Hawk, Sanders, Forest and James walk in.*

Chief: Hawk.

Hawk: Have we met?

Chief: Yes, and no. You wouldn't remember me.

Sanders: How is she?

Doctor: Comatose. That's better than what we expected.

*The Station Alarm blares as an Iconian Fleet appears outside. These ships are different from the ones in the Iconian Galaxy. They're older - closer to the ones seen during the Shadow War.

Wolfhound Ops.*

Commander: This is Wolfhound to Iconian Vessels! Identify yourselves!

Takar: This is Supreme Commander Takar of the Iconian Fleet "Chal'akar". We were en route to the Homeworld when we received orders from the Veil Guardians to report here.

Requesting status report.

Commander: Understood Chal'akar. Status reports coming in now.

Lieutenant, inform the Federation.

Comm officer *a Betan (resident of Dalos Beta Prime)*: Yes sir.

*Starfleet One. Santiago calls Starfleet Command on an encoded frequency.*

Santiago: This is an executive order. Redeploy all vessels not currently on security or patrol assignments to Sector 235. A Republic Vessel shall escort them to a new Staging Area. Starfleet One is en route to the Vulcan Colony on Caspian IV.

*OOC: Good choice of shelter, don't you think? The Vulcans are logical, and won't cause as much, if any anarchy.

And no, I'm not letting you centralise the Galaxy under the Federation Banner. That's unrealistic and means a lot of factions losing the essence of who they are as a people (one of the reasons that the division of Qo'nos makes little sense to me. The Empire was in another Golden Age, like when Martok was Chancellor.)

After this story arc closes, we're gonna need a time skip, to get everything back to status quo.

This time, I'd appreciate being allowed to set the parameters of the State of Galactic politics post-skip. Allen's done it all the times previously. I'll send a PM prior to the skip so we can iron out how everything's going to be settled. Either way, we will realistically need a time skip of about a year. That good with everyone?

*OOC: Did not kill her just left her to be beaten by the mob. I thought about it but I thought it would be better if she be left alive. Deposed but alive. I also left the Remans alone. I do plan on making a make shift migrant fleet always on the move and staying out of sight and engaging in guerrilla warfare. So please lets not get ancy. I do apologize but we did need to make it ambiguous for now.

I was also at classes all day today.

As far as a centralized Federation government actually no I wasn't planning that. Logan's Idea would be used, as he is right now playing the role of the devil and Iago. Other than that I think a small time skip is good. Gives a bit of time for things to go.

What I was gunning for is something to make a new government a sort of second or so Federation different from the last and a mixture of everyone and updated to the times.

*Preston arrives at Vulcan and is being led to the bunker where the president is being held. *

Preston: Sir. I hope you are well. I kept riots down to a minimum but still these people appear to be exposing the past.. I hope we have no skeletons in the closet...

*James is sitting by Sam as he himself is being checked on... he is still falling apart.. but the suit bought him a little more time.. *

*Vulcan bunker **OOC: I am assuming that the remnants are over the planet as well..** Firie walks into Preston's office as he is sitting by his desk distressed.. Newtype minds connect and are soon in certain embrace.*

*OOC: Yes I am going somewhere with that and yes Firie is a bad girl for doing that.*