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01-30-2013, 05:14 PM
In fairness, the potential in a combination Klingon fish tank/dining room is like... really really high.

Doubt it will be that cool. That looks painfully generic. Not really Klingon looking, not really Orion looking (which would really be the diplomacy/manipulation end of the KDF). It's just chairs. Big deal. It should have more of an alien feel.

A $%^$#@ second Fish tank for the $#@!^ Feds? You've got to be $#@!^ kidding me. Are ANY Fleets actually running these projects?
We've done a few starbase ones but our embassy is mostly ignored. It might actually be more useless than New Romulus itself, which is hard to do. There seems like a ton of wasted potential with both right now, hopefully season 8 does some further development. They need ground missions that give an actual comparable reward to the space ones to make them worth doing, and both the embassy and starbase need non-cosmetic reasons to actually visit them to make them somewhat used.

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