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another maneuverable kdf cruiser! how nice! how disappointing though, the 1 station combo thats missing is a LTC tac, with no other tac stations. that on a DHC equipped cruiser would be perfect. the fleet ktinga has ok tactical capacity, and the fleet vorcha has too much. just the LTC would have been just right. anyway, refer to the ambassador build for a heal boat, this ship is begging for a DHC tactical setup, even without the LTC station i wanted.

fore- 3 DHC, 1 torp (photon, quantum, transphasic, omega or tric)
aft- 3 turrets, 1 cutting beam


EPtS1, AtB1, ET3, DEM3
EPtA1, AtB1

HE1, TSS2, VM1

omega deflector
omega engine
maco/fleet elite shield

borg, temporal, zero point, leach/1 shock wave torp console
2 embassy flow cap, 3 for fleet version
3 energy type damage

3 tech doffs, 1 VM additional disable doff, 1 BFI

a DEM and tet glider build i find works best on a KDF tactical cruiser. every shot does extra hull damage and extra shield damage, and it adds up. you can blow through a shield facing, dump some 6-15k kinetic damage torps in, or just slowly wreck their shields and hull with high dps. this ship having the LTC sci opens up several interesting possibilities, your definitely going to want to get the fleet version if you go sci offensive.

you could do something like slot 3 grav consoles and use GW1 instead of a tractor beam for an aoe hold. not sure how good that would work, you might need high aux too, and even carry around large aux batts to insure a solid casting. then maybe CSV and torp spread instead

you could slot a partical gen buffed TBR2, but with no APO, this slow cruiser wont be able to use that quite as well. another option would be FPB, 3 partical gens with PBP2 with tac buffs should be quiet the incoming fire deterrent.

but, after using this ship a wile, i find im liking VM1 the best. sure you should proboly max the expensive decompiler skill, but id say its worth it. you also can also use 3 flow cap consoles for glider, no console buffs VM. even if the person you use it on clears it immediately with ET, VM has done its damage. you see that person now has TT on cooldown, and now you will most likely be able to kill him without that protecting him from your cannon and torp alpha. if they don't use ET and clear it they will last longer sure, but you dont even need a TB then most likely. and no escort is going to have ET at all, non flown by someone dangerous.

this has turned out being an incredibly interesting ship to fly, its hard to say weather the tankier fleet ktinga or this is better. awesome addition to the kdf, thanks a bunch cryptic
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