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01-30-2013, 05:17 PM
After a bit of realization, I decided to go back to my first character in STO: my Fed Science Officer, for she has been neglected for a while. She is in a Vesta, yes a Vesta, so after selling a few keys in the exchange, I went to work creating my first build by myself.

This is my brainchild:

Ship: USS Mina Harker
Ship: Multi-Mission Surveillance Explorer
Role: Energy Drain/System Shutdown


Fore: 2 Phased Polaron Beam Arrays, 1 Chroniton Torpedo
Aft: 2 Phased Polaron Beam Arrays, 1 Chroniton Torpedo

Deflector: Borg/Maco
Engine: Borg/Maco
Shield: MACO

BOFF Stations:

LTC Universal (Science): HE1, TSS2, Energy Siphon 2
Ensign Universal (Tac): TT1
LT Tac: TT1, Torpedo Spread 2/Attack Pattern Delta 1
LT Engineering: EPTS1, EPTS2
Commander Science: TB1, TSS2, Energy Siphon 2, Viral Matrix 3/Grav Well 3

Devices: Red Matter Capacitor, Your choice of Batteries

Power Settings:

Offense: Weapons 100, Shields 25, Engines 25, Aux 50
Defense/Full Aux Power: Weapons 25, Shields 50, Engines 25, Aux 100


Engineering: Fermion Field, Assimilated Console
Science: Field Generator, 4 Flow Capacitors/Embassy Flow Capacitors
Tactical: 3 Polaron Phase Modulators

Hanger: Peregine Fighters for PVE. Runabouts for PVP


2 Energy Weapons Officers (Reduce cooldown of subsystem targeting attacks)
1 System Engineers/Gravimetric Scientist (Chance to disable another system after Viral Matrix ends)/Chance to create additional Grav Wells
2 Warp Theorists (Chance to disable a subsystem when using Energy Siphon)

This ship is a team player, not suited for 1 on 1 engagements as it doesn't do a lot of damage. It's main purpose is to drain the enemy dry, with Energy Siphons, Polaron Beams, and judicious use of the ship's innate Subsystem Targeting. I usually can drain 50+ power from all subsystems with my beams, nearly 40+ power with Energy Siphon, and nearly 50 power with Subsystem Targeting. It also has Viral Matrix to screw up your systems or a Tractor Beam to hold you in place. Any ship will find their offensive or defensive capabilities blunted by the vampiric assault this ship delivers, all while you nearly top out in all your subsystems.

And the doffs make things even more like hell for your enemies. With the Energy Weapons Officers and the 5% cooldown reduction from MACO, you can reduce the cooldown of your subsystem targeting attacks from 2 minutes to around 40 seconds.

The lone Viral Matrix Officer gives a 50% to disable a system after the initial Viral Matrix attack ends, and your Warp Theorists also give a chance to disable a system when utilizing Energy Siphon. This makes the effects of your attacks linger long after you had your fill of their ships power.


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