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01-30-2013, 04:19 PM
Not to dash KDF hopes -- but they've also said Season 8 would mark the return of the full fledged FE series format. It could be it's a teaser for a new Romulan based FE series (and remember the ramp ups to 'The 2800' FE series about one year ago.

Although I'm not a big Klingon fan (I do have a Level 50 Klingon character who has played the KDF content to date though); I DO think it's time for Cryptic/PWE tom STOP teasing KDF players with comments like "This will be a good update for the KDF...etc. With then Dev Team size still ramping up; said STO team going to a 6 day work week, etc -- IMO it's time for Cryptic to come clean and state unambiguously:

- IF the KDF faction will get a separate tutorial and a complete Level 1 - 50 PvE experience/track.

- The way future playable factions (if any - such as Romulan) will be implemented.

The constant vague --' oh, there's stuff for KDF too' line has got to go, replaced by a non-ambiguous answer. Either finish the KDF or let them know PVE track wise things are as good as they're going to get.
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