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01-30-2013, 08:01 PM
I'm a little surprised almost nobody has mentioned extreme console stacking and how that affects things, turning powers from 'working as intended' into OMFG. One person mentioned earlier combining 5 Graviton Generators with Graviton Pulse and creating substantial hurt. Or several months ago when PSW got the nerf bat after people were amping it up into 20k+ base hits. Or the several pages worth of hate for the JHAS courtesy of (among other things) its 5 tac consoles.

What if consoles were limited to say 3 of any kind regardless of mark or quality, so as to limit the ability to overspecialize and abuse things that are just fine if used as intended? Less discrepancy between normal use and min-maxing, and might encourage some diversification (escorts with something besides energy consoles?? Madness!!). Plus easier to balance adjustments since the difference between normal and peak use would be smaller, because otherwise there are too many abilities that are either great for PVP but useless for PVE, or solid for PVE but then seeds of rage in PVP. Clearly not a fix-all for everything (or even a sole fix for any one thing), but potentially beneficial?