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01-30-2013, 08:53 PM
Alright, well, I had some numbers...but, a storm took out my power yesterday, and they were on an un-saved happened.

But basically it all boiled down to this:

1. Against a target with no kinetic resistance, it's good regardless of anything else.

2. Even fully buffed by a tac and hitting a resisted target on a non-crit, it can still be good, but far from being overpowered or a 'one hit kill'.

3. The only time I ever vaporized my target in one shot (or nearly so) was only when it did the 'one crit to rule them all'. Because of that, the sheer damage regardless was enough to destroy the target regardless of anything else.

So yeah, pretty much the crit issue is the only true problem here. Get rid of that, and any hints of OPness disappear pretty quickly. After that is gone, it's a very good weapon, dare I say...balanced.