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# 1 List of bugs
01-30-2013, 08:58 PM
Here is a list of the most annoying bugs i keep experiencing:
  • Powers Tray (space & ground): Set Powers do not stay in their assigned slot
  • Exchange: The ALL-tab does not work properly
  • Exchange: [UNTRANSLATED: ] sort option
  • Beam down to New Romulus crashes the game
  • Navigation bug after you die and have a target
  • Tholian Red Alert (!!!)
  • Tailor: MACO costume
  • Tribble of Borg can only be bought once per account
  • Skirts beam out before the rest
  • No pictures of other players in a team
  • Sometimes cannot read player info
  • Accolades "Incursion defender" and "Siege Breaker" do not complete
  • Server disconnects
  • XMPP Fleet chat not working
  • "Machine Gun" Omega torp animation

Could any of the DEVs please comment on them? That would be much appreciated.
Are you aware that they exist? Are some of them already worked on? Even a "We will not fix this, live with it" would be better than not knowing and hoping for a fix in vain.