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01-30-2013, 09:05 PM
Additional balance problems, this time from abilities that aren't performing according to what their design purpose appears to be.

Suppressing Fire (Tactical Kit Power)
The description for this power indicates that it debuffs All Damage. This is not correct. Suppressing Fire does not debuff the damage done by melee weapons, Lunge, or Pounce. This is a balance problem, not just a display problem, because it falls under the category of an intended counter that does not actually counter the powers it is supposed to.

Solution: expand Suppressing Fire to debuff physical melee damage.

Dampening Field (Science Ground Captain Ability)
This power debuffs all energy damage. Historically, this was identical to debuffing all gun damage, but with the emergence and popularity of highly effective guns that do non-energy damage, this power is no longer doing its job. Dampening Field, which used to be a sci's best defense against a cloaker's oneshot, is now entirely useless against it, because neither the cryo pulsewave nor the lunge are debuffed by it.

Solution: have Dampening Field debuff all damage, or at least all gun damage.