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01-30-2013, 09:35 PM
In my opinion, it is one of the better KDF escorts. It does take quite a beating if you work on your resists and heals. I used to fly a B'rel all the time, but changed to this ship. I've tried a raptor in the past, and just couldn't make it work for my playstyle.

I've tried and continue to use several builds.

For a fast maneuvering build, you can go with Aux2Damp build similar to this:
Using Omega Def and Eng, with KHG shield
2 Neutronium armor, 1 eng console open to your choice
4xWeapon type console
2x Shield Healing console (can't remember name - the one that increases TSS and EPtS healing)
Doffs: 2xShieldDistribution,3xAttackPattern

Keep engine at minimum of 50, with weapons at 100 for main attack runs. Other settings are 75/75 and 50/100 weapon/engine. The last would be 75/75 shield/engine.

I don't use the lance, but you can put any other P2W console in... some use AMS, Leach, Graviton Pulse, etc. Or use it for the borg console to help crits, etc.

The build keeps you moving fast, and turning very fast... many times I outmaneuver defiants (depending on their pilot skill) due to APO3, A2D, and engines at 50+. Also helps in getting away with EM, and battle cloak.

Note: The EPtA1 helps TSS1, HE2, as well as A2D.

This is just one build I've used, and it is fun to fly. I constantly change builds though, so in a few days, I may be using something else

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