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01-30-2013, 10:03 PM
Plasma is the hottest thing running in PvE right now.

the romulan threat scaling consoles + the romulan weapons set + romulan plasma weapons = highest theoretical DPS for your energy weapons, ignoring crits and procs. Using plasma energy weapon consoles buffs the dot component of plasma torps as well, and EWP if you can load it, too.

AP gets an edge on high-crit builds, but not really enough to edge out plasma when you add the procs back in.

PvP... it depends on how many sci slots you have. Use enough threat consoles and you will push past the 20% reduction from STF shields, and you are only left with the fact that your procs can be cleared. AP is probly your best bet, tho, as I understand it burst is king in PvP. Disruptor would be my second choice, as the damage resist debuff is really, really nice. I'd actually probly rate it as first choice, but I usually play sci and understand the importance of debuffs and teamwork. On a tac or a more damage focused ship AP is probly the best way to go.

Tetryon and Polaron suffer from Power Insulators, elsewise they would be good PvP choices, as well, but serious PvPers are speced into PI, so while you aren't facing a straight damage redcution your procs are less then effective.

Phaser... Meh. Its not bad, don't get me wrong, I'm just not a fan of its random nature. I prefer knowing what I'm going to get rather then a mystery proc... Thats just me.

Also, in the case of Tetryon and to a lesser extent phasers, you will find some targets that they are just not useful against. Anything with no shields is a total waste of tetryon and a waste of shield phaser procs. If its not moving engine phaser procs are useless. If it doesn't have weap... I think you get the picture.

If you know you aren't going to PvP, or don't mind building multiple sets, plasma is currently a no-brainer. If you are going to PvP even a little, IMO AP and disruptor are the strongest choices, followed by phaser, and then plasma. Tetryon and polaron may as well not proc.
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