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Originally Posted by kirahitomi View Post
After spending some time (couple hours in fact) going back over DS9 footage of the Steamrunner I've determined that the shots of her there are even worse then the ones in First Contact and suffer from the same issues, mainly lack of detail and pylons obscuring too much of the aft to be able to say 100% without a doubt. There's one shot that we almost get a good solid look at her from the top in perfect angle to settle this dispute but then the Defiant flies in the way, sigh.
Yeah, that scene bugged me as well, and I agree that all these scenes kinda suck for what we are trying to see.

However I still think it looks goofy having those oddly shaped skinny little impulse engines on the pylons, specially considering how big this ship is in game.

All the while the model it self appears to have nice big "cut outs" on the saucer for them.