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01-30-2013, 09:12 PM
Finally got around to testing it.

I was replaying the episode "Boldly they Rode" to get the Jem'Hadar ship set item and used the "Borg Shield Neutralizer" on a Jem'Hadar enemy and saw a few ticks of 1 damage each above its head. I looked at the combat log after defeating the group and sure enough, the secondary attack on this item, Borg Prosthetic - Maintenance Drone Mk XI, does what it says it does: 6 plasma damage over 5 seconds.

What's the point of only doing 6 damage? Would have been better off just leaving that part off and keeping as a shield neutralizer attack only. This weapon sucks and sucks big time. Very unhappy with it.

Here's a screen shot with it marked proving it was only doing 1 damage per tick:
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