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01-30-2013, 10:52 PM
Right, I'm not even sure where to begin.

The last weeks saw the I.N.D. transport over a hundred thousand persons from Kazar to the heart of the Beloti, near Cardassian space; the successful bidding for a contract with the Tallarians; renewed contracts with the Klingons; renewed contracts with the Ferengi; the outbreak of war in the Hromi Cluster between the freighter coalition, kDF, and virtually every regional power.

I found myself running refugees from the freeport on a humanitarian bit - while under fire -from everything ranging from delusional Gorn captains in battleships, to trigger happy Cardassian Patrols near Star-base 27.

Furthermore Otis managed to get himself pirated by a couple of Zakdorn, who tore up his ship after demanding a rather homely king's ransom. So we've put out a bounty on the freaks, which has dissolved, in turn, into a running war with Starfleet Dental - both within and out of UFP space; mercs on one side, war on the other. Somehow running goods between the lot.

Which brings me to the good news: Efforts to secure a contract to ship goods to the Klingons couldn't have paid out better. Just as the 42nd Science Division retract their standing arrangement to ship goods, we're right there with hat in one hand and sandwich in the other. Beautifully timed. We've been approached on the matter of aiding the Klingons in establishing nutritional independence, a daunting task, but one which we might be to the task of meeting with considerable investment of resources.
Additionally, in recognition for our efforts in the Iccobar system, the Romulans have offered permission to establish holdings in their space, which might provide purchase for our organization to establish influence throughout not only the region but with local parties...

But I don't see how we can capitalize fully on these opportunities under current conditions. The Ferengi Commerce Authority is breathing down our back wondering what we're upto. We've been neglecting our corporate duties, and auditors are just about sieging the corporate offices back home.

Might be time to cut the corporate anchor and strike out on our own. It'll remove the haven of the core to fall back on, but give us ever so much more breathing room in the border-worlds.