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Does this answer the question? In short, the nacelles doubled as impulse engines. Imagine that.

The warp core is located in the engineering section on decks 6 and 7. The matter-antimatter reaction assembly (M/ARA) runs vertically between the two decks, with the monitoring systems on the balcony above (Deck 6, Upper Engineering). The core is constructed from a central translucent aluminum and duranium reactor with Dilithium articulation frame, four-lobed magnetic constriction segment columns, and matter and antimatter injectors. Plasma transfer conduits exit the core on Deck 6 and extend laterally to the nacelles and the warp plasma injectors. The nacelles incorporate an in-line impulse system, which accepts matter intake and heating within the nacelles and exhausts the heated gases through a space-time driver assembly in the nacelle aft cap. Anti-deuterium is stored in a series of standard Starfleet antimatter pods on Deck 8, forward of the warp core.

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