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01-31-2013, 12:05 AM
Originally Posted by virusdancer View Post
Faction Queues and STF PUG-like Queues.

Faction Queues:
FvRvK - first come first serve. If there are only 10 Feds in the queue, it will be a 5v5 FvF. If there are 5 Feds and 5 KDF, it will be a 5v5 FvK. If there are 5 Roms and 5 KDF, it will be a 5v5 KvR. If there are 4 Feds, 4 KDF, 4 Rom...the first two to get to 5 will go while the one that didn't get 5 will have to wait. If the two that got 5 manage to get 5 again before the other, that other will wait again....possibly again...and again. If that other gets 5, then they will face whichever of the other two queues five first. If there were 5 additional available for two, they'd make it a 10v10. Priority given to establishing 5v5's and then filling out 10v10s.
Sounds pretty good, minus the 10v10 stuff.