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01-30-2013, 11:09 PM
So I have on of these ships too myself, and I love the ever living daylights out of it. This is what I use in PvE, as a PvP build is very very different then this.

And as such here is my setup.

3x Phased Polaron Dual Heavy cannons
Chronaton or Photon torpedo

3x Polaron Turrets

Jem'hadar Fighters or Denube Runabouts (I bounce between the two depending on the fight)

Shield/eng/deflector is the Jem'hadar Set (thus is why all the polaron)

Consoles are:
4x Polaron consoles
4x RDC mods (using these gives the ship the manuverability it NEEDS to use cannons)
Dominion Universal Mod that came with the ship
Shield cap mod (I am forgetting the names of these things off the top of my head)

Bridge off's are:
Com Tac:
TT1, Torp High 2, cannon rap 2 and rap 3
LT tac:
TT1, pattern Delte
LT uni (tac off)
Torp high 1, pattern Beta
Lt com eng:
Aux to shields 1 and 2 and reverse shield pol
Ens sci:
Hazerd emitters

Havent messed might with duty officers yet as I am a returning toon from the first days of STO (haven't been back since).