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the eng is only really going to be effective as a heal boat, they arent any good at dealing damage. ships like the galor with the LTC tac are a bad place to start for a healer. ships with a LTC tac are ships for tac captains imo. make sure to grab the free tier 5 ambasidor, that would make a great healer ship.

the 1 thing this thread lacks is good healer boat builds, i really need to make some for such a basic concept. i would recommend a baseline like this for an end game healer though

mav's star cruiser/mirror assault cruiser
So at the most basic level I'm looking for something with 2 engineering stations (including a LtC one), correct?

For the other 3 stations, what's a better spread: 2 tac/1 sci or 2 sci/1 tac?

Also, what exactly is an Ambassador? Can't find much reference on it anywhere.