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01-31-2013, 12:58 AM
Ok , so from time to time I had "nerdy" visitors and when I show them the game , twice I was asked to let them play w/the Galaxy .

I had to tell them that I don't play with that ship .
Then I had to explain why .
Twice .

If Cryptic is really "trolling" us with the gimped Tac stats of the Galaxy ... -- they are actually trolling themselves in a way , as in "better Galaxy = more players" .

But then again who would buy all those lockbox ships if ppl were happy with what they have ... ?

Oh , and if anyone thinks Cryptic incapable of "trolling" , look up the "king of Tank's" in STO's first 2 years of existence .
It's a 100 year old ship called Excelsior (w/borg set) .
STO will be out of Beta in another 2-4 years ???
... you know after another 3 story arc remasters, crafting revamp, skills revamp, PVP upgrade ...
*note : the 2-4 year guesstimate came out of comparing Cryptic's Dev speed and that of a snail . Sadly the snail won .