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01-31-2013, 02:02 AM
Originally Posted by aelfwin1 View Post
Ok , so from time to time I had "nerdy" visitors and when I show them the game , twice I was asked to let them play w/the Galaxy .

I had to tell them that I don't play with that ship .
Then I had to explain why .
Twice .

If Cryptic is really "trolling" us with the gimped Tac stats of the Galaxy ... -- they are actually trolling themselves in a way , as in "better Galaxy = more players" .

But then again who would buy all those lockbox ships if ppl were happy with what they have ... ?

Oh , and if anyone thinks Cryptic incapable of "trolling" , look up the "king of Tank's" in STO's first 2 years of existence .
It's a 100 year old ship called Excelsior (w/borg set) .
Don't kid yourself. Full fleet Galaxy-R with Venture skin is 4000 Zen. Maybe not exactly lockbox value. But certainly more than single Oddysey (2500 Zen). Also Venture is 25th design, so there goes the excuse "its old design".