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01-31-2013, 01:08 AM
Speeking as a science captain I would say that cannon builds, wether single cannons on traditional science ships, or dual on the vesta or in an escort are very good choices for us.

Beam boats suck a lot of weapons power, which we are not as capable of supplying as an enginear. Nor can we supplement our damage as a tacticle captain can.

Cannons and turrets are simply more energy efficent then beams, and if we temperarily take a little power out of weapons to boost one of our science abilities we wont see such a sharp DPS drop off by using them.

Subnuclionic beam gives us science captains a grate advantage over enginears and tacticle captains when we fly an escort. Yes a tacticle captain can stack a lot more damage buffs, but we can take those away from him, allowing us to out dps him. Yes an enginear can boost his power levels and rotate his shield frequencie, but once again, subnuke takes that advantage away. With the DPS of an escort we can exploit that vonerability and take out our opposition before they get their buffs back.

So any escort is a fine choice for a science captain in PVP. For PVE it realy is a crime not to go with the MVAE however. With this ship we can pull blobs of enemies together into a gravity well for our sensor scan aoe debuff and scatter volley.

If you would prefer a few more science abilities the vesta realy is the pick of the pile. It is easy mode for science as aux powerd cannons remove the need to use emergency power to auxilery, or to manualy change your power levels to maximize your abilities.

Otherwise the fleet nova can make for a good alpha strike ship. Not so usefull in PVE, but mask energy signiture, beam overload 3, torpedo high yeild 2, tacyon beam 3 and energy syphon 3 can make for a nasty supprise in PVP.