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01-31-2013, 03:35 AM
A question: What is your definition of 1v1 balance?

Does this mean that for every ship S(1) with build B(1) and for every ship S(2) there exists a build B(2) such that S(2)+B(2) beats S(1)+B(1)? Or does it mean that one can (only) force a draw with the best build B(2)? Or does it mean that every build/ship can beat every other build/ship just via superior piloting skills?

A comment: You claim that it will be easy to scale 1v1 up to larger fights. Is that necessarily so?

Take for example chess. Nearly perfectly balanced 1v1, but how exactly would you implement a 2v2 chess match that is not just two parallel and independently played 1v1s? (I concede that chess is not a particularly good example.)
I am not convinced that it is particularly easy to implement 1v1 balance that scales up to bigger fights. Maybe you could offer an example of a game that uses this approach and works well?

Another comment: Look at Starcraft. Units are not balanced 1v1. On the other hand races are balanced in 1v1 and scale reasonably well in multiplayer fights. So I guess a 1v1 approach is not totally useless for balancing. On the other hand it if you take ships to be the equivalent of SC races, they will all end up being able to do pretty much the same.
I think much of the StarCraft 1v1 race balance relies on the fact that you can permanently adjust your strategy to match your opponent's attacks. In STO you cannot really alter your ship's boff and gear setup on the fly, so you would need to balance a static system for 1v1 and upscaling. Are you sure that this can be done without making all ships be almost identical to each other?

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