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01-31-2013, 02:57 AM
Originally Posted by mancom View Post
A question: What is your definition of 1v1 balance?
"One ship fights one ship. If both captains are equally competent and gear is of equivalent quality, the fight has equal chances to have one ship win, or have the other ship win."

A comment: You claim that it will be easy to scale 1v1 up to larger fights. Is that necessarily so?
Not quite. I say it is easier to have a game that works as 1v1 scale up so that it also works as 4v4, 10v10, 1000v1000 than to have a game that is balanced around, say, 4v4, and then have it scale up and down.

Because, when 4 make a team, then what are 6? One and a half team - but as half teams don't work (the game is not balanced for half teams, after all), two guys are either useless or imbalance the game entirely, because they add something while the game isn't balanced for having it added (because the game is balanced for 4v4).

But if one ship is a self-contained combat unit (with differing areas of specialization), then bigger teams are "just" groups of self-contained combat units. So in the 6v6 above, any "extra" players will still be able to equally contribute to the team effort, because one ship counters one ship in one way or another.

Now, what are arguments for balancing for larger teams? We want to collect arguments for both sides, don't we?
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