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0 then 5, but not for PvP.


0 - you balance each "thing" against itself. Each Ensign Tactical BOFF ability should be balanced against each Ensign Tactical BOFF ability. Each DHC is balanced against each Array. Each X is balanced against each Y, where X and Y are on the same level or type of thing. This is just a very loose and rough balance.

As you add each new level of X or Y, you will balance it around the previous and against itself. Each Lieutenant Tactical BOFF ability should be balanced against each Lieutenant Tactical BOFF ability...including how it interacts with the Ensign Tactical BOFF ability that was selected.

It's like building a house of cards, you start at the bottom and work your way up. If you don't balance part of it correctly on the way up, it will all come crashing down.

5 - five is the common group number in MMOs. Solo content may be difficult or easy depending on the skill and build of a player. It may be easy. A low threshold for completion is likely to be set to allow the majority of the playerbase to feel like "heroes" - to get it done.

Group content on the other hand, should present more of a challenge. The threshold can be and should be set higher. You will still face the easy and difficult issues, but you're setting a more realistic level here - what you want, what you feel is needed - so it provides a nifty target area for where you should look at balancing interaction between multiple players.

You go back to the loose balancing you did with 0, and you start going through the more likely combinations of everything from 0 to tighten up the balancing. Then you bring in some alpha testers to make sure that's working as intended. Then you bring in some beta testers who are likely to do all sorts of weird things you'd not expect players to do. You're able to adjust based on their feedback and the likelihood that what they did was exploited or that it causes a problem.

Not for PvP - the game is not just PvP. Neither is the game just PvE. Balancing for PvE will leave PvP unbalanced. Balancing for PvP will leave PvE unbalanced. You balance for the game, considering both PvE and PvP. Don't think of it as doing twice the work - it's not. If you don't do this though, you're definitely looking at more than twice the work in trying to juryrig it all together while dealing with an inflamed player community.

Appendix - balance does not mean everything has to be the same. Balance does not mean stagnation. Balance provides an opportunity for player skill to determine outcome. It's a good thing.

edit: Yes, I believe most of the things being brought up in the PvP balance thread also affect PvE balance - because the PvE is not balanced either. I believe that if you go and look at most of the things that some believe were balanced/fixed/buffed/nerfed for PvP - that you will find they were actually done to address PvE issues. Devs have even stated this on occasion - it's just the way it is.

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