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01-31-2013, 04:27 AM
Originally Posted by apocalypse2001 View Post
i don't know about KHG, I'm on fed side with that build.

Well, each projectile that comes out of a single torpedo, using the Nadeon Detonator, creates it's own shock-wave - if that's what you mean...
There's a DOFF that reduces the CD. There's also the DOFF that can proc an aftershock.


Photonic Studies Scientist
Reduce the time for Photonic Officer, Photonic Shockwave and Photonic Shockwave Torpedo to recharge after use.
Recharge time improved by 20%

Photonic Studies Scientist
Your Photonic Shockwave has a 40% chance to trigger a Photonic Aftershock on each affected target. These aftershocks do not damage the targets directly, but damage your enemies that are around the affected targets.

Was a case of wondering if that is actually limited to PSW or if it also applied to PSW Torps. I'd think that most likely it only applied to PSW, but given my lack of trust in Cryptic tooltips - I was wondering if anybody had tried and confirmed it worked one way or the other.

Originally Posted by havam View Post
jsut a heads up since i was running tests on tribble anyway the nadeon thingy seems fixed already. It only worked with photons, and it would not shoot out multiples. Photonic Studies Doffs, however, lowered its CD, which seems working as intended? so no reason to go zen shopping fed side.
If it only works with Photons now...then it's broken. They purposefully changed it to work with all standard torpedoes - they intended that - was in the patch notes and everything:

Dec 21st, 2012 - "Console - Universal - Nadeon Detonator" will now enhance any standard torpedo, instead of only functioning with Photon Torpedoes.

Regardless of the torp, you're going to see the same looking torpedo - but the effects should be somewhat different. If you've got Plasma, you should see an orange PSW Torp fire - that will also apply a Plasma DoT. If you've got Chrons, you should see an orange PSW Torp - that will also apply the slow.

As for the CD reduction working, in the balance thread - it's been brought up that you can potentially reduce it more than you should be able - but I'm not sure that's been confirmed or denied by Cryptic. You basically have the Nadeon and PSW on a toon with PSS DOFFs (CD reduction) - using PSW will reduce the CD on the Nadeon and PSW. So you can use PSW multiple times to bring the recharge for Nadeon down...

As for the spread - were you talking specifically about the PSW Trics? So no more nerdgasm?