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01-31-2013, 04:39 AM
That one can slot 4 sci consoles, so that could make a huge difference.

If you slot 4 rare mk xi particle generators (total cost around 50k ec) you'll have 104 points in that skill. With full aux power, that'd make your grav wells hit for about 800-1k per tick, I think.

Slotting 4 gravitons will make it much harder to escape from. I'd suggest running 3 particle gens and 1 graviton generator, for best results

Or, if you'd like to try energy syhpon/tyken's rift, run flow capacitators. They have a similar point contribution.

So, with 4 well-chosen consoles you could definitely be as effective as a sci captain running, say, shield consoles, in those slots. It's just more work when picking skills, as you'll need to slot the appropriate consoles too. And you can't run field generators/shield regen consoles, but I tend to think these are redundant with a decent boff layout