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Originally Posted by mancom View Post
Do I understand you correctly that this means that boff abilities and choice of gear (like beams vs cannons) is not really relevant (assuming sensible builds, not intentionally inferior ones) in your system? It would only impact the "style" of the combat and not the actual effectiveness?
I am not sure what you mean by that.

What I mean is that, if both captains have equally competently selected their abilities and gear, and use the resulting ship build equally competently, then the fight should be balanced, that is, both should, all in all, have an equal chance to win the battle. Of course, the way they might win it will differ from ship class to ship class.

Do you have any particular arguments to back that up?
I did give them in the part that you have certainly already read. If you don't agree with them, that's fine.

Look at it this way: Going from 5v5 to 4v4 means a change in total power of -20% per team. Going from 1v1 to 5v5 means changing each team's power by +400%.

What seems like the easier approach?
Balancing around 5v5 means that a 4-player team is just not "80% of a full team", because in such a balancing situation, it entirely depends on which player is missing.

If it actually was 80% in any case, then it would be balanced 1v1, too, because then, of course, 20% of a 5-player-team is one player.

But when you have balanced specifically around 5-player-teams and not around a 1v1 situation, 1 player could be 5% of a team's power or 90%, in relative combat value and when broken down to 1 player. And then they end up in one of the many duel situations in the game, and see how imbalanced that one is.

The result of that will be that some players feel stronger in their ships, and others weaker, resulting in forum threads that complain how weak a given ship is.

And then, there might be slogans floating around like "Escorts Online" or the like.

Yes, scaling a team game all the way down to 1v1 is tricky. But I am absolutely not convinced that 1v1 balance is an easier way to achieve team balance (without making all ships the same in the process).
Making all ships the same... that sort of is the conlusion. But don't take this out of context, because here's the catch: There are different styles to fight. Ships that can hold out longer, but do a little less damage. Ships that do a lot of spike damage, but have little durability. Ships that do all kinds of nifty technobabble stuff to defeat an opponent, and add disables to medium durability and medium damage.

That. at least, is the option that most people seem to prefer here on the forums. Another option would be to have them be best for fighting a given class of targets, but I was told that this was not popular at all (I am not sure why, though).

So what is there to convince anyone that 5v5 or any other team setup would be better to balance the game?

I asked for arguments for balancing for any team size >1, and for not balancing around 1v1 in the first place.

There don't seem to be any?
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