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01-31-2013, 04:03 AM
Originally Posted by doffingcomrade View Post
The B-52, man. First built in 1952, the thing is still flying and they intend to keep flying it all the way until the 2040s...and that's pretty much a tentative date: They don't actually have any concrete plan to replace it. It would not come as any surprise if by 2101, they're still using it.
The B-52 is a strategic bomber.
The mission profile of a strategic bomber is to enter an area AFTER air superiority is achieved and surface to air defenses have been eliminated.
Whcih means at that point there is nothing there that can harm the B-52.

That means something else is sent in earlier (actually into harm's way) to clear the area of enemy fighters ans SAMS.
Guess what...that is not done by fighters and fighter-bombers that are from the 1950's.
Why? Because it would be suicidal unless you're fighting some guys on donkeys with an RPG.

In Star Trek, the ships are not comparable to the B-52, they are comparable to the fighters that are actually sent into harm's way are actually going to get shot at.