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01-31-2013, 04:48 AM
Originally Posted by hurleybird View Post
Deal breaker is that you can only have five people on a team, and assuming you can fix that the game is still far too spammy for those kinds of matches to be fun, not to mention performance issues.
We already have 10v10 you'd want to remove 10v10s?

With what I had there, it would work something like this:

4 Fed, 4 KDF, 4 Rom.
+1 Fed, +1 KDF.
5v5 FvK launches.
4 Rom wait.
+5 Fed, +1 Rom.
5v5 FvR launches.


4 Fed, 4 KDF, 4 Rom.
+1 Fed, +1 KDF.
5v5 FvK launches.
4 Rom wait.
+1 Fed, +1 KDF.
The 5v5 FvK becomes 6v6 FvK.
4 Rom still wait.

It's basically what we see now with the FvF, FvK, KvK queues. Though, I suppose one would have to add a third group, eh? Cause I didn't really provide for FvF, KvK, much as I did Faction X vs. Faction Y, where X and Y could be Fed, KDF, or Rom.

So it would be Same Faction Queues, Faction Queues, and Mixed Queues.

But still, it sounds like you don't want there to be a 10v10 fight at all...? Even the 10v10 we already have, you'd rather not have?
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