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01-31-2013, 05:11 AM
Of late, I have actually been experimenting in pvp with my tac in a Negh'Var. Now, that character is specced for the ship, including maxed impulse thrusters and the works, but I am very content with it.

Its alpha strike hits like a freight train, because it can load 8 weapons and slot 2 eptw's to sustain that power drain, in addition to a load of tanky/healing skills. The turn rate is decent enough to keep most things in the sights of my DHC's, and it can take enough of a pounding to frequently make feddies fly off in frustration.

Now, with an engineer, you'll do a bit less damage because you don't get the captain skills APA, GDF and FOMM, but you will be even sturdier and sure of power supply. I imagine that might even free up a slot for, say a second DEM or something equally offence-supporting. I suspect a well-specced engineer in a decently set-up Negh'Var will be a very hard nu to crack, while also pumping out good damage.

Edit: also, take into consideration when choosing your free T5 ship that the Vor'cha battlecruiser, the Qin raptor and the Voquv carrier have mirror versions that can be had from the exchange. And that, as of this evening, you'll be able to get a free battlecruiser, for the next two weeks, because of the 3-year celebrations.

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