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01-31-2013, 05:27 AM
Originally Posted by mattachine View Post
First I think the dilithium costs has to be lowered or the amount of dilithium rewarded in game increased (with that an increased cap of refinement).

Second I think that the resources used to make these could be used to give all the ships and shuttles that are in the game, that have had their interior shown on screen, their own custom interiors/bridges.

agree 100%
especially on the refining cap, there are so many things that need so much DL its hard to keep up with, not just the personal need but also for us smaller fleets
gear takes DL, doffs take DL, STF gear takes DL, fleets need it, etc
many things have been updated as the game has gone on, the daily cap needs to be one, right now its a severe bottleneck

one other thing i would suggest, in addition to a raise in the daily cap
maybe make the daily cap raise smaller, but allow fleets to use unrefined DL for tasks to help offset it
could be some tasks take a mix of refined and unrefined, some tasks could be unrefined completely
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