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01-31-2013, 06:59 AM
Originally Posted by sophlogimo View Post
Arguments that I see speak for balancing around duels:
  • 1v1 situations occur a lot in the game. In any PvP mode, you will have situations where 1v1 just happens.

In any real team situation, this only happens when 1 target has decided to run away and 1 member of the opposite team decides to chase to finish them off.

In any real team situation, heading off to 1v1 an opponent for an extended duel is just ignoring your team. The team is stronger when all team members working in unison.

If a player is "joining" teams and ending up in a lot of 1v1 situations, my opinion is that they are a selfish player who is focused more on their own ego than the team's success.

Originally Posted by sophlogimo View Post
  • It is much easier to test a combat system in 1v1 with multiple pairings than to organize a "test match" with a dozen or so people. It just requires less time, fewer people and less analysis to find out what is going on in 1v1.
Testing powers for a 1v1 system tells you nothing of value when those powers then arrive in a 5v5 system.

If you want to balance around 1v1, then there can be no teaming mode - which would just be sad and ridiculous.