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Originally Posted by beefsupreme79 View Post
waste of space just like any other cruiser or carrier, lets be honest folks, all you need in an elite stf is 5 escorts. while cruisers are fun if you roleplay, they are garbage in elite stfs where tanking means nothing and dps is king.
You've never tried to tank several Tactical Cubes, have you?

Damage is the fastest way to tear apart enemies in STO, that no one can deny. However, when your objective is to hold the line, or simply draw fire off another member doing something else... suddenly damage becomes useless

Cruisers and Battlecruisers have their role: take damage while dealing it in return, and they do it well. They're not fast killers, but that was never the point.

And on this thread's topic, I'm still working on my opinion of the stats, but I'm glad the KDF have another ship in their lineup Even if it's 'only' a counterpart to the Ambassador, it's another unique ship we haven't seen in canon, and that's pretty sweet by itself.
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