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01-31-2013, 07:18 AM
I could agree with balancing around 1v1 duels. However, that would only apply to specific classes of ships. Do we really want to make all ships equal? Although duels are fun too, and a que for 1v1 ships might be fun, I like the idea that a science ship can only do so much vs a cruiser and would need help in destroying one. I like the idea of escorts either ganging up vs a cruiser or facing almost certain death if the cruiser is a good pilot. I do not want 'cruisers online' but I would prefer something other than 'escorts online' as well.

I think that fighters and shuttles fill the 1v1 role in this game very nicely, where is the shuttle PvP que?

In the real world, there is a need for various ship types in a fleet. A Carrier needs the support of smaller, faster ships. By making each class more specialized and less self sufficient, variety is encouraged and no one ship is OP. This would require a lobby to pre arrange teams, or a que system that automatically set up teams to have a mix of ship types.

I have thought about the idea of making all captains the same profession (no TAC, SCI, ENG) and let kits on ground and ships in space define our roles more specifically.

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