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01-31-2013, 07:26 AM
It got confusing for the higher tier doffs. At common rarity, blue meant fed, red meant kdf. At uncommon rarity, green meant...uncommon fed, meant uncommon kdf. Wat?

Then comes rare, and now blue means rare fed AND kdf. and if you didn't notice the glow in the corner, or if the color scheme of the doff was such that it wasn't easy to make out, it wasn't that hard for someone new to the system to mistake a rare for a common fed.

Having the borders mean faction for commons and rarity for everything else wasn't a great design, so they ditched it. If they'd accompanied that by making the backgrounds jump out more, or by seperating the two factions in some other way, it would've been unquestionably positive, but as it is there's advantages and disadvantages.

Correction: I was misremembering the previous system. Still, having half the border represent faction and half the border represent rarity, especially with blue=fed and blue=rare, the previous system could be confusing at times. I still hold that the best fix would be to make the backgrounds jump out more.

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