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09-20-2009, 03:01 AM
Originally Posted by Nazraith
In defense of my original post I did mention that Kira was Bajoran, but my point was that there is evidence of an Army based ranking system in Star Trek cannon. Having said that, what I was really trying to relay was that, as stated in the Cryptic post that once you hit Admiral you still are only half way in terms of skills, there needs to be more ranks. So, at the least they should add Rear Admiral and Vice Admiral before the rank of Admiral and then add Fleet Admiral as the highest rank attainable. This would prevent the eventuality of having to say over system wide comms “20,000SP Engineer – Admiral w/ Nebula Class Explorer - LFF!” I also happen to think that they need to add Ensign and Lieutenant Junior Grade, but that is just me.

I know they may be having a hard time working into the story how an ensign would get command of a ship, but I have a suggestion. Just have everyone start out as an ensign on the fringes of Star Fleet space as the bridge helm officer and have some catastrophic event happen that kills everyone on the bridge except you, which forces you to take charge in order to save the ship. The first couple of missions could have you fighting off a smaller foe and then scanning nearby nebulas for evidence. Once the evidence is captured you try to transmit it to Star Fleet only to find out that your communications systems are down. Here is where things could get interesting. If you are an engineer you would be able to repair the communications which leads you to Star Fleet appointing you as captain with a promotion to Lieutenant Junior Grade and sending you back out for more information. If you are a tactical officer your scans could turn up a nearby base that you could use to send the information, but it is under siege and needs rescuing. After which, you would be promoted and given further missions.

After these first sets of missions you would learn all the aspects of the game. Once completed you attain the rank of Lieutenant and are ordered back to Star Base One to pick out your first new shiny ship and then boldly go where ever you want…


Im new here but I would say that the reason you start out at Lt instead of Ensign or LtJg is that your BOs will have these ranks and you need to out rank them.

just my guess.