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# 19 Macintosh game version
01-31-2013, 07:33 AM
I'm sure this is already covered by a thread, but i looked and couldn't find it:

Please make a MAC version of the game. (Please, don't tell me to install or dual-run a windows on my mac and "yes", i know about the WINE version, and i'm sure the game would run better in a native version on my mac.).
I would like to enjoy the better graphics and smoother game play, which would result from a MAC version for my MAC.
This is one of the reasons i'm not buying a lifetime subscription: not sure how long the WINE version will be updated and maintained.

No need for long comments, just put an "agreed" or "yes please". maybe if we get together enough people, they will think about it.

Thanks for listening.

PS: please no hate or "*****" comments. if you don't care, don't reply thanks

PPS: thanks for the move didnt found the original mac thread

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