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Originally Posted by mustafatennick View Post
Advanced bops have crfII and high yieldII and parsers show that on static targets which is what pve is full of, 4 bops and flagship firing beta off can out dps most escorts

You clearly haven't seen a vorcha set up properly kitted with demIII apa fomm tac fleet can guard kang single handed take down a full side of Kase and guard the probes with ease there the nifty little things called RCS accelerators mixed with conn doffs and omega will make one just as nimble as a patrol or advanced fedscort

Oh and ill take the way your jabbering on you did wondered in from star fleet
and ill take from your insults, that your just a kid with limited knowledge spouting out phoney stats to buff your arguement. Lets be honest, you will find very few people who would share your opinion that cruisers out dps escorts......smh. and yeh escorts run beta as well, so that point is moot. ill just let the tac cube decide whos hurting it more, and its always either me or another escort as primary target. oh and what do you get when you doff out and equip an escort the way you doff out and equip a cruiser trying to be an escort? yeh, thats right, a better escort

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