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*Iconian spokesperson hijacks sub space communications and airs this message*

Dorowa: Sentient species of the galaxy we the people of the Iconian race soon bring ourselves to the galactic forefront. We shall support the Shedai Empire in its endeavors in bringing a unified galaxy. We have seen everything that the powers of today have done in our absence. They have utterly failed to become unified. All because of ideological, supposed morals, and racial and ideological supremacy for their faction. It is like watching spoiled brats fight over a play pin. We shall support this wave of justice and true change.

We shall also declare war on any who dare to go against this change this new budding era. People of the galaxy you have chosen wisely as of late, players still resisting we urge you to stand down and surrender. You will be treated fairly and your courts and security personnel will have to agree to serve true justice for the people and by the people. Your military's will learn to serve the new order.

The Newtypes will lead our government Parliament with their powers of understanding without misconception.

Any resistance will be put down and punished severely.
*Siraga appears on Dorowa's bridge.*

Siraga: Dorowa? You are descended from Darsaya?

*Aboard another Iconian Mothership, Taragi is waiting for orders. It is good to be able to return, and complete the conquest he began long ago, but the presence of the Shedai worries him. The Guardian Races are responsible for the Empire's original fall... and the Shedai led the charge. They're warlike. They fought bravely in the Shadow War thousands of years ago, but they became aggressive to the point they died out, but not before helping the traitors destroy Iconia.*

Taragi: With their forces cut off, we have them right where we want them. We should go for the kill - wipe them ALL out now, while we have the chance! We don't need to listen to the Shedai! Why are we listening to our enemies?!

Officer: Commander, we've picked up gate-drive signatures.

Taragi: Where?

*A holo-map comes up, showing the Iconian Fleet at Wolfhound.*

*Wolfhound Base. The remaining Republic and Klingon Fleets have arrived, and the combined Romulan-Republic Fleet is on its way.

GNN displays a galaxy-wide newscast. President Santiago is speaking.*

Santiago: People of the Galaxy, hear me. Our peoples are shattered. Those who have taken refuge in the darkness of anarchy, I call upon you to open your eyes, and return to the light.

The Shedai and their allies have lit a fire, sending the light to you, but a fire will always burn itself out, and you're back in the darkness.

Sunlight is eternal. We pass through days and nights...

The day ended when the Shadow War began... and we've been watching the darkness grow ever since. The night is always darkest right before the dawn, but I promise you, the dawn IS coming! A new day free from the corruption we see now! That has always been my goal.

We can not see this new day unless we stand together! It is up to all of us to bring about the dawn!

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