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Originally Posted by amosov78 View Post
Lack of detail shouldn't be a problem since the ILM CGI models of the Akira, Saber and Steamrunner were altered for use in DS9 by Digital Muse, and were "remapped at a higher resolution in the process", as mentioned here:
Thats true, though lets examine some things, this is the original ILM first contact model; If you look at the saucer section you can see that for the most part its covered by a single unmodeled texture and at the back of the saucer you can see what many of us believe is the textured unmodeled and unlit impulse engines.

Now examining that first pic let look at what happened when Digital Muse ported the model over to LightWave;
As we can see the model (especially the texture map) went to hell. This did require a rebuild of the model and at a higher resolution but if you watch the DS9 episodes carefully outside of the original models structure and form, almost all of the original texture (and therefore any implied or textured sections of hull) are completely gone.
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