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01-31-2013, 07:56 AM
Think the biggest annoyance is, the 10 consoles are all for the (expensive) lockbox ships, lobi ships, fleet ships, and a very select few store ships, which only the Steamrunner, Vesta, Bortas & Odyssee fall under.

I think the only way to make it "fair" later on for the expensive ships, is take out the "can only use on 1 ship consoles" and make those abilities into to the ship itself.

I honestly dont know why the transformation options for the d'kora, chimera & peg are consoles, or the energy dissipator that can only be used on the breen, or the torpedo turret that is armitage only.
Aren't those supposedly the reason for flying such ships in the first place ??
They are only Universal consoles in the sense they can go in any slot on that ship, not on any ship you own (like the quad cannon for example, or the leech)

Maybee i aint lookin right, but i wasnt able to find a explanation on why those type-locked abilities were converted into consoles to start with, except as a weird way of making those ships less desirable.